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Founder Malia & Ahat Caskurlu
Headquarters Irvine


Why were pistachios neglected for such a long time? Who knows but we know that it stops now!

Peppertux was started directly in the farms, learning the intricacies of farming and truly embracing nature to work with it instead of against it. 

Getting our hands dirty helped in many ways but the pinnacle for us was the realization that less is really more and we can in fact create wonderful products with as little intervention as possible. That’s why our pistachio butters are made with a high natural fat content pistachio variety protected by the European Union and differentiate with 3 main pillars:

- Quality of Product: Always free of preservatives, as natural as can be and made from the tastiest nuts possible

- Packaging: Our packaging is enticing, informative and playful and made from glass and not plastic. 

- Pricing: Although pistachio products are expensive similar to almonds, we can achieve a highly competitive shelf price due to our full control over the supply chain. We believe that this significantly eliminates the entry barrier for this product and easily enables trial. 

Our goal is to get our pistachio spreads into as many households as possible as a decadent, new, delicious and healthy alternative to your everyday chocolate cream and peanut butter. We all know how PB&J is such an amazing American household staple, but now it's time to try out this PB, so delicious you don't even need the J next to it. So we ask - tired of peanut butter yet?

Founding Story

Our inspiration was born on a road trip along the Mediterranean, in awe of the nature around us. That trip and having kids led us to dig much deeper into what we consumed every day and look for alternatives.

We took a leap-of-faith in 2019 to create award-winning olive oils and ultimately to develop mesmerizingly green pistachio butters and other limited edition nut butters.

We then wanted to inspire everyone to experience these amazingly fresh and good-for-you products everyday and Peppertux Farms was born. 


100% Pistachio Butter - Unsweetened
100% Pistachio Butter - Unsweetened $15.95
Turkish 80% Pistachio Butter - The Original
Turkish 80% Pistachio Butter - The Original $14.95
The Turkish Pistachio Cream
The Turkish Pistachio Cream $9.95
Roasted & Salted Turkish Antep Pistachios - Multi Pack 12 Pack
Roasted & Salted Turkish Antep Pistachios - Multi Pack 12 Pack $14.95
Zeytin Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Buttery & Smooth
Zeytin Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Buttery & Smooth $27.00
Zeytin Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Rich & Fruity
Zeytin Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Rich & Fruity $25.00

Team Bios

Meet Lia

Born from her vision, Peppertux Farms continues to grow with her approach to clean living and sustainable manufacturing. She has extensive experience across consumer electronics and automotive before finally taking the leap!'

Under her supervision, Peppertux launches numerous high quality products and entered top distributors and retailers around the nation! She is the visionary behind the Peppertux brand and product selection and thrives to keep the brand on the forefront of retail innovation.

Meet Ahat

Covering all aspects the business but mostly enjoying the work under the trees and directly in contact with nature! Prior, he worked across various roles in airlines and automotive, both sectors he continues to love and cherish.

Under his management and production Zeytin - Peppertux won numerous quality awards around the world including the Gold Medals from New York, Los Angeles, Italy and Argentinian Extra Virgin Olive Oil competitions along with being featured in the Michelin Guide of Olive Oils, Flos Olei, since 2021.


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