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Colorful Products To Spark Joy


Date Established 09/2005
Founder Kathy Story
Headquarters Milton
E-commerce & Retail
Press Contact Kathy Story


Clairebella specializes in offering highly sought-after, customizable products that cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. The brand is well-known for its innovative and stylish designs, featuring products such as trays, playing cards, pouches, rugs, card cases, Pickleball paddles, ice buckets, acrylic trays, coaster sets, hostess towels, trinket trays, tumblers, can coolers, platters, plates, and flat zip pouches. With a strong focus on quality and customization, Clairebella helps customers express their personal style and add a touch of elegance to any space or occasion. The brand collaborates with talented artists like Samantha Jezek, constantly introducing fresh and trendy items to its extensive product range. Additionally, customers can engage and share their favorite products through the Clairebella Crew Brand Ambassador Program and Instagram, where they may be featured.

Founding Story

Clairebella's story began in Sydney, Australia. Founder, Kathy Story, handpainted and sold children's furniture to local boutiques in Sydney. Kathy became interested in textile design and the idea of producing patterns for apparel, bedding and othe home textiles. Kathy took her portfolio to Longina Phillips Design Studio and was mesmerized by all of the artists creating art on computers. This was 1999 when the computers were giant boxes and you had dial up internet. She started doing freelance work for the studio, and Longina (Lola) convinced Kathy to learn to create art digitally. After moving back to the states, Kathy launched Clairebella (wholesale only). The success of the line led to licensed collabs with manufacturers and retailers. Collaborations include Ballard Designs, Hobby Lobby, and Mark & Licensed products have been found on, Wayfair, Kohls, Bed, Bath, & Beyond,, and others.


Pickleball Paddle
Pickleball Paddle $98.00
Ice Bucket
Ice Bucket $120.00
Glass Trays
Glass Trays $44.00
Wallpaper $5.00
Monogrammed Playing Cards
Monogrammed Playing Cards $34.00
Monogrammed Eyeglass Case
Monogrammed Eyeglass Case $62.00
Gift Wrap Sheets
Gift Wrap Sheets $30.00
Shatterproof Wine Glass Sets
Shatterproof Wine Glass Sets $24.00

Team Bios

Kathy Story is on a mission to bring colorful patterns to an array of products for home decor, gifting and beyond. Kathy studied art and communications at Missouri State University. Shortly after graduation, Kathy moved to Sydney, Australia and began freelancing for Longina Phillips Design Studio, the top textile and surface art studio in Australia. Lola (Longina) Phillips encouraged Kathy to learn digital design and the rest is history. After returning to the US, Kathy launched Clairebella in 2005.






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